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    Carmen Ferreira

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    taranoc mess
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    ABC Radio nationalized

    Keri Phillips: This is Rear Vision on . my corporation is Keri Phillips.

    Announcer: as recently as 30 years ago this could have landed you in jail in Spain, But in 2008 the sex couples can cheerfully compare wedding rings. Legally to you’re wedding, With the legal right to adopt children courtesy of the Zapatero government.

    spouse: Everybody knew Zapatero simply because of the civil marriage for gay and lesbians you know. That was pretty important. Spain was leading the civil rights for the first time in our history.

    Keri Phillips: Part of a BBC report the particular campaign for this year’s elections in Spain, Where the Socialist united states of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was elected to a second term. within the first term, Zapatero legalised gay marital life and eased the divorce laws. He also appointed equal numbers of citizens to his cabinet. this time around, The pm, who has been re elected in March, Appointed ladies than men to his cabinet. usually there are 9 women out of 17 ministers. And by way of comparability, in australia there are 4 women out of 19 and in the UK 5 out of 22.

    Today on Rear eye, We’ll look at the changing lives of women in Spain, Where nothing more than 30 years ago, under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco, Men had a right in law to beat their wives. your 1930s though, until the Civil War that brought Franco to power, Spain took pleasure a brief moment of democracy, As a century of tension between monarchists and republicans gave way to the temporary Second Republic. Associate Professor Judith Keene is the Director of the eu Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

    Judith Keene: the main change that happened and it affects Spaniards, But primarily affects women, Is that the Republic is declared in 1931 and they set about forcing a constitution, And the constitution’s very generous, And there’s a whole suite of reforms that come with the constitution, you’re certain, Separating church and state and things like that. But in the case women, Women are given the vote, And divorce is done legal, And civil marriage is identified. So it comes in with this unbelievable sort of reforming zeal and this enormous amount of enthusiasm for all these changes. But it’s very worthwhile, Because when these people get to the Cortes, That’s the parliament where the vote is taken on the articles of the composition, A number of parties on the Left actually opposed women getting the vote, And very strangely, The Socialists as an example did, is really a popular Socialist platform since the 1880s, you learn, The sort of European essential Socialist Movement, Has always had women’s rights as part of the platform. But in Spain there was clearly this fear that as the newspaper said, That ‘women would vote to the previous priest’.

    So where the time came for the vote, And it was transferred, business women did get the vote, A number of quite well known Socialists actually left the chamber merely couldn’t bring themselves to vote against it, Because that was what is the party platform had always said, But nor could they bring themselves to vote for it because they feared that it may be the end of the Republic. together with, Which I always think is very interesting, The Catholic parties which in fact have always opposed women’s rights, Voted for it in all reality, Because they hoped that this notion that women would vote to the last priest is considered the case.

    You know the Republic doesn’t just leave Mars as it were, from the Napoleonic invasion, The so called Spanish War of self-sufficiency, There’s been a strand of a kind of reform in Spain. In fact I always consider it like a zig and a zag that there is one strand that comes out of European liberalism that’s secular, And wants to improve the public education system and get away from the Church, And then there is a traditional strand that is in opposition to them, And that strand looks back to Spain’s so named glorious past, It has nothing to do with Europe, and is particularly Catholic. So those two strands sit very uneasily simultaneously. I think this reforming thing is not so surprising when you see it with regards to the 19th century. And Spaniards just felt this is 1931 and the ones in Western Europe had always said ‘Africa begins at the Pyrenees’ and many, Many Spaniards were exclaiming, Even monarchists were saying, ‘Look, The time has come to modernise and abolish this absurd notion that Spaniards are like dinosaurs in Europe’ etc. So it shoot out of a whole cluster of things I think.

    Keri Phillips: The Second Republic was characterized by violence and political instability as Spain’s powerful elite the military, Industrialists, Land owners and the Catholic church fought moderates and extremists on the Left for control at the ballot box and in the street.

    Joan Botella: Of you have compare unique car features between the two sides, right? Let’s say the national side, The lower group that were the Franco group, Was extraordinarily, Very tend to be, And the primary things they did was sending women back home, For instance including separate schools for young ones. opposed to this, The situation was contrasting. there’s, specially in the first months of the war, otherwise just a civil war but also a revolution, And that a perhaps the revolution was the change in the private lives of people, And the implication of women playing a central role in every facet of social life, Even frequently sexual liberation etcetera were very, Very applicable. And you may notice images, snaps or movies of the first months of the civil war, you will see many, Many women in the streets playing the same roles, Or driving cars or even having a gun in the hands, Playing quite this also role as men could. So previously it was a very, mighty important change, Which brought about and meant while doing so, very important change in mentalities, Which survived long, despite the end of the civil war.

    Keri Phillips: here in April, 1939, The Republicans surrendered without any reason to the fiercely anti communist General Francisco Franco, Who was crowned dictator of Spain, Now a one party county.

    Joan Botella: After the end of the civil war and the execution of the Franco regime, Spain moved towards a very practical, Catholic and anti feminist for instance, approach, Which tried to move back in time. including, deal a single party, the single party in Spain which had a separate section for women members of the party, So even between on they were very, Very discriminating against women. And there was a few aspects which were reintroduced in the laws. also the criminal law, If a hitched man met his woman with another man, And destroyed them, A very versions ‘passionel crime’, that has been not a crime; that was allowed to be done. that’s why, It was a very secure reactionary movement trying to set the clock back.

    inside ’40s and ’50s, There was clearly a project of restoration of the old old school order in Spain. It was completed by laws, It was carried out by the creation of services which were oriented to monitor and control what women did. There was a number of organizations specialised in framing women’s lives etc, It was not just heading back, But clearly it was a legal politics project of changing things, Of converting Spain into a very macho country, what happens if. industry in all aspects of life. to provide an example, The attendance of women to universities and colleges, it is impossible even count the percent in those years, You can count some specific cases even there, Women were very nearly excluded from university. like there was military service type of conscription for men in those years. There was a similar thing for women, It was called Social provider, Where women learnt how to cook and pay for the babies. The role this was assigned to women it was very, Very clearly the role of the most conforming, old-school home woman.

    Keri Phillips: Eva Anduiza is a Professor of Political Science at the Autonomous as well as college of Barcelona. So we had this subordination towards partners and parents. The social sphere was fully male, And women were restricted by men. back home, Probably things were extraordinary, But once you were outside family members, Women were clearly in a subordinated body placement. Of course the Church had a privileged affair with the Franco regime; In terms of controlling education regarding, clearly there was almost no public education, and, Very few schools which were not religious, Catholic. Also because women were practically organised, And the moment were organised, It was mainly through religious vendors. So also the church had the means to control and to be present in women’s life through that channel too. Obviously it was an authentic regime and the head of this regime was militaryman, because of this he wasn’t going to defend women’s rights at all. I feel this is a means of social control, I mean the fact of having women under control is a means of having fundamental part of society under control. I don’t know whether this was a strategic decision but I think that just how the army’s not precisely you know, an innovative actor in society, And nearly everywhere their relationship with the Church was privileged by Franco, And the belief that by having the church and the state putting women in these secondary positions, They had a means of controlling society in a way that would have been trickier, allowing rights and equality for women.

    Keri Phillips: Today we’re checking out the remarkable changes in the lives of women in Spain since the end of the Franco dictatorship in 1975.

    After battle II, Spain remained politically and economically isolated until 1959 when the so called ‘Spanish miracle’ an economic boom that lasted until the oil shock of 1973 began to rework the country.

    Joan Botella: That meant a couple of things. on the other hand, Allowing free trade with other countries, And that meant also allowing the Spaniards to move freely to other countries in europe to go there to work. Emigration was enormously crucial in Spain in the ’60s. many, many Spaniards moved to France, great britain, malaysia, swiss etc. Spanish migrants never wanted in which to stay those countries, But their project was to go back to Spain, So that meant that ten years later there was a very large number of the working classes in Spain who had lived the expertise of living in free democratic countries. And that was significant component for the future change to democracy in Spain.

    in contrast, tourists was very, important and vital in the factor of change. We may smile now knowing how this, But when eu people from France, From Britain or Germany started to make Spain to spend their summers in 1958 or ’59, There was a major, quite, Very strong reaction from the careful Spain against that. rapidly overheat, There were policemen on the beaches monitoring which swimsuits people were wearing on the beaches to check morals in behaviour. Or along the lines of, in collection of towns, It was the police themselves who were going to the swimming pools or to the seaside to take a look and control what happened there. In practical terms that meant the arrival to Spain from a large number of individuals from other countries, And young girls, young ladies, Which clearly expressed techniques used in living, for instance a more free, Independent personal life. That was an enormous shock for the mentalities of the lower Spain, But concurrently, it has been a very, very important factor of change in Spanish mentalities.

    You remember the ’60s was a bit all around the world, a time period of opening, Of coins of mentalities, A bit of a movement everywhere. as also reached Spain, in spite of those conditions. The Franco regime understood that its old style could not survive in this new context, So they had to release most of the controls, And it was visible that numerous things in Spain were changing immediately.

    news reporter: The tough old dictator finally gave up his amazing find it difficult to live at 4.40am fine time. The Spanish nation told that the man who had ruled these an iron fist for 36 years was dead, In a news flash broadcast on the State prevented radio an hour and a half later. He died in the La Paz healthcare in Madrid, Where he underwent three major surgical treatments during his incredible 35 day battle against death, Which confounded laymen and practitioners alike.

    Keri Phillips: following a death of General Franco in November 1975, Prince Juan Carlos assumed the position of King and head of state. A new Spanish metabolism was written and the return to democracy marked by the election of a Socialist government in 1982. Divorce had been legalised for civil marriage in the late 1970s, But abortion remained an issue too challenging to address. government entities was not prepared to risk Spain’s fragile new democracy with radical reform.

    Joan Botella: since the Socialists reached cabinet in 1982, Their essential program was ‘Let’s make this country work’, acceptable? And ‘Let’s get out of regular crises, Of traditional stagnation and transmogrify it into a normal European country.’ The most discussed issue concerning these women’s policies concerned abortion once again. In 1982 the old criminal law was still in Spain in the terms it had been in the Franco years, And the Socialist party or at least an area of the Socialist party, Had proposed the decriminalisation of abortion, But the Socialist govt did not dare go in that far. [url=]pretty girl in spanish[/url] They feared there is going to be reaction from the Catholic elements in Spanish society. So main points done is that abortion is still a crime in Spain, But in some specific circumstance, It is not subject to judicial prosecution. birth control was introduced early, in the end of the 1970s, And is among the introduced without discussion or without protests. fundamentally the Catholic world in Spain you must make a distinction between the top level of the Catholic world, I mean the bishops or some press or some r / c, And your rank and file, And the many Catholics in the country.

    Spanish Catholics may be liberal, They’re quite comprehensive of these problems in life and they’re very strongly favoured for instance of contraception, or alternatively divorce, Even if they may not themselves divorce. But they would not accept that divorce would be forbidden for all the others.

    Keri Phillips: The Socialist Party remained in office for almost 14 years and the efficient Popular Party, Led by Jose karen Aznar, Made no endeavor to turn back the clock on women’s rights when they were elected in 1996.

    Joan Botella: That’s an enjoyable issue because the attitude towards women of those issues you have been discussing was traditionally the differential element, One of the differential elements with the nearly everywhere. So when Aznar and the an individual’s Party reached office in 1996, They desired to prove that this was not true, and they are at least as feminist as the others. warming, the actual final Socialist Cabinet, In 1995 let’s say, Had three [url=]spanish ladies[/url] female as Ministers, The first Aznar wooden box in 1996 had four, Just to show them to be no less feminist than the Socialists had been the previous years.

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    on the other side, oxygen has been massive together with heat and humidity, buzzing who have a raucous concert pertaining to honks brought on by thousands bikes and the majority manufacture services over the primary business. Ho chihuahua Minh township (along with Saigon like local shop even now call it) Buzzes that have pandemonium coupled with prospect because it is with regard to cusp of a fiscal rise: PricewaterhouseCoopers estimations the situation to buy among outrageous widespread real increase in uncouth home lotion in the realm. although noises and warm go away directly every time take on the lobby from the intercontinental Asiana Saigon, Ushered back in by just two juvenile Vietnamese lady old school costume ao dai. some sort of entrance hall is often commodious to very good, Redolent created by jasmine, while using two greater works of art beautiful, Impressionistic district sequences painted by – Saigon painter Quan Tho a even close to get to the entryway’s soaring hall.

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    5 important internet dating regarding Lesbian mothers

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